How Video Games Are Made

How Video Games Are Made

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Anomaly Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a standard Safe-Class storage unit. Use of SCP-XXXX, for testing or other purposes, requires authorisation of the assigned Senior Researcher.

All reports of missing persons working at major video games publishers are to be investigated by Foundation assets.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a black computer case of unremarkable manufacture, and the internal components presumed to be present within.1 A standard array of inputs and connectors can be found on the rear of the case, and the front has a door panel which can be opened to reveal the drive bays. The top three drive bays are occupied by a single unit consisting of a horizontally opening chute leading into a compartment within.

When powered and connected to a monitor, the contained computer runs Windows 10 and has a single application installed named "Developer". Running the application results in a small black window with the words "Please input resources." displayed in white text. The application will remain in this state until suitable material is placed within the chute at the front.

Placing a quantity of organic material within the chute suitable to fill the compartment within (a volume of approximately 0.54m3) causes the application to display the message "Processing…". Three to nine hours later, the application will automatically close, and located on the hard drive will be a fully functional video game, along with the full source code and all art, sound, and language assets. The quality and style of the video game produced appears to correlate to the type of material added. The material used to trigger this process is removed through unknown means.

Placing non-organic material within the compartment results in the immediate closure of the application, with no observed outputs.

SCP-XXXX was retrieved from the office of a major video game publisher following an anonymous tip to civilian authorities from an employee of the publisher. It is unknown how many, if any, video games generated by SCP-XXXX have been released to the public.


Input: Rats, deceased.
Output: A game designed to run on Android mobile devices, in which the player is required to capture and care for a large variety of unusual creatures. Features heavy use of Micro-transactions and gambling mechanics to aid progression.

Input: Ground beef.
Output: A 2D story-driven exploration game in which the player recounts the lives of a number of their character's ancestors, who have all been embroiled in an ongoing supernatural conspiracy. Researchers were unable to complete the game due to its convoluted nature and extreme difficulty.

Input: Human flesh.
Output: A first-person shooting game comparable with modern high-budget releases in the genre. Extreme levels of gore feature prominently, along with repeated attempts at convincing the player to spend additional money on improved weaponry or the ability to skip parts of the game.

Investigations into other pieces of potentially anomalous technology being used by the video games industry are ongoing.

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