The man behind the curtain

The Man Behind The Curtain

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Scene of an SCP-XXXX event post-clean up.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Anomaly Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Police reports world wide are to be automatically monitored for mentions of human remains matching the observed pattern of SCP-XXXX. Witnesses are to be amnesticised, and the remains are to be kept for study or incinerated, at the discretion of the Senior Researcher.

Development of methods for detecting and containing SCP-XXXX-1 are ongoing.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomaly that causes the spontaneous removal of all bones from a human body. While no specific trigger for SCP-XXXX is known, recovered remains all share a number common traits. To date, all recovered victims of SCP-XXXX have been located in a bathtub within their home. The bathtubs have all been equipped with showers, which have been left running, and an opaque shower curtain which fully blocks visibility of the door to the room containing the tub.

No external wounds have been observed on any of the victims thus far. Postmortem examinations have determined that each of the victims died approximately four to six minutes following the occurrence of SCP-XXXX, from suffocation. Damage to connective tissue suggests that the bones were removed forcibly and at an incredibly high speed.

No links between victims have been determined, nor has the location of the removed bones.

Addendum XXXX/1: On 2019/04/21 SCP-XXXX occurred in a home with a virtual assistant, which was recording at the time of the incident. A transcript of the recording follows.

Transcript of an audio recording of an SCP-XXXX incident. Voices present: the victim, Sandy Burham. An unknown male voice.

Burham: Alexa, play Make Them Gold by Churches.

The requested song begins to play. The sound of a shower being turned on can be heard. Burham sings tunelessly along with the song for approximately one minute. A voice can be heard quietly in the distance.

Unknown Voice: Hey, I love this song.

Burham: Huh? Hello, is someone there?

A brief silence.

Burham: Must be losing my damn mind.

The sound of a shower curtain being quickly drawn open can be heard. Burham screams briefly before falling silent. A high pitched whine, followed by a wet tearing sound can be heard.

Unknown Voice: Shhhh. No need for that noise. It will be all over soon.

A wet rasping sound can be heard.

Unknown Voice: There, there. I know you didn't want this. No one ever does. No one gets into the shower expecting this.

The unknown individual hums along to the song briefly. The sound of solid objects clattering together as though being placed into a bag can be heard.

Unknown Voice: But those people, the ones you hurt? They didn't want what happened to them either.

The wet rasping sound continues.

Unknown Voice: You know what you did. You know you deserve this. Certainly more than those poor families you took everything from. No amount of showering will wash that away.

A low gurgling moan can be heard.

Unknown Voice: Shhhh. No use complaining now. Judgement has been rendered. But like I said, it will all be over soon. And I'm sure I'll find a better use for these bones than you.

Footsteps can be heard walking away as the Unknown Voice begins to sing along to the song.

Unknown Voice: We are made of our longest days, we are falling but not alone. We will take the best parts of ourselves, and make them gold.

Further investigation into the victim revealed that they were part of a mortgage fraud operation, in which over a dozen low-income families were illegitimately convinced to give up large sums of money, ostensibly for deposits on a mortgage.

The unknown individual has been classified SCP-XXXX-1; their identity and current location are under investigation.

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