Canyoning pool - time displacement/alternate dimension

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To read:

Anomalous broadcasts of an Aurora Borealis like phenomena desrtoying the world each winter.

Daylight savings anomaly

vavilovian mimicry

the judges - (arbiters of truth?)

conceptual annihilation machine. Attached notes; it was already activated to destroy 2 main concepts in order to save humanity.

anomalous infinite prison is actually the source of d-class

Death of the number 1

constantly expanded cinema, grows new screens when people arent watching all the existing ones

protesting computer worm -

giant eyeball in the sky watches you

comics in newspapers getting replaced with super weird/fucked up versions

"our army's strong and yours is lies"

[18:32:36] <Mortos> skip that replaces your teeth with tiny feet
[18:32:48] <Mortos> the toenails on each foot are teeth
[18:33:10] <NineVolt> yes
[18:37:20] <Dr_Kens> oh god

[16:57:27] * Mortos writes a skip titled "Jesus, the original T-Poser"
[16:57:30] <Mortos> "
[16:57:46] <Levi> Mendelssohn y do u like hurting me with these t poses
[16:57:52] <WorkinKirby> Mortos: do it
[16:58:27] <Mortos> something that looks like jesus, randomly appearing in a t-pose standing on bodies of water
[16:58:44] <Levi> Mortos if you do this i will declare war'
[16:58:51] <Mortos> deal
[16:58:54] * Mortos starts writing

Liquid that makes finger nail trimmings grow into sentient lifeforms

<Mortos> WritingVolt yeah that could work, something *fucked* the fabric of reality at some point and some ancient precursor to the Foundation made this thing to try and stablise it

too many bikes

limerick doesn't exist, is actually a big hole filled with an eldritch thing that MAKES people think it exists.

hair in food

a memory of laughter

Elephant rock god

Big hole,_Mir_mine_and_Mirny_Airport.jpg

Hearing a repeating electrical pulsing sound out of nowhere.

Drunk-space bar

AirBNB weird houses. Houses in the ocean etc.

Lift bounce -

fucked up mirror version of international space station on other side of the sun

Mr Blobby

Something that can't be seen because we have no word to describe it
Reality is Observer-dependant.

vegas casino. time is all fucked up, staff are trapped and screaming for help but gamblers only hear what they expect

[11:53:23] <Mortos> Swaghetti: skip idea!
[11:53:37] <Mortos> Forced Blood Transfusion Man, the hip new superhero in your area
[11:53:44] <Mortos> turns up at car crashes and shit, gives people blood
[11:53:46] <Mortos> even if they are fine!

xbox pad that controls people, gives you access to their "inventory" (all their organs and shit). 360 no kidney

feed the sky

anomalous exploding wheat, the pentagram

people failing the turing test

Dr [REDACTED]s Discount Organ Shack
"So I said to the guy, if you didn't want me to take your lungs, why'd you sell them to me?! He couldn't reply, obviously - he didn't have any lungs"

closed down donut shop that has achieved sentience, changes its outdoor signage with anti-capitalist messages

exploding lighthouse towers in the ocean

owls vs cops

being rich physically changes you

eye of the Sahara

<Mortos> skip idea: scp-xxxx is an anomalous semantic tag that can be arbitrarily applied to things to sort them in descending order

foundation pin, makes things "contained" when pricked, inanimate objects perceived as researchers when worn

<Mortos> skip idea: a made up slur for a non-existant group of people. the slur is a cognitohazard so hearing it makes you irrationally hate that group of people, even though you dont know anything about them (because they dont exist)

nile crocodile burrow

interdimensional market studies. prometheus labs?

hidden building floor accessible only by lift
We will continue to harvest garfields from the coastline

[13:17:44] <stormfallen> "I have a SCP in my house." "SCP isn't real." " Ok then it's a wolf."
[13:18:21] <stormfallen> Why is that so fucking funny
[13:28:10] <Mortos> lol
[13:29:08] <Mortos> theres a skip idea in that
[13:29:19] <Mortos> foundation phonelines keep getting random phonecalls
[13:29:30] <Mortos> "hey there's an scp in my house" "how did you get this number?!"

tree made of wire

basking shark whose mouth keeps getting bigger -
portal to somewhere?

Ambulatory bee hive shaped like a bear, with bear fur

Random person keeps appearing in photos on the internet. Follows the observer around, eventually becomes the dominant subject of all photos for that person

encryption using the human soul (smbc)

halo and a handgun

where do we go when we're alseep
shared dream space, only a small percentage of people actually have souls so most people dont experience it

The exact middle of nowhere
The furthest point on earth from a living human (point nemo?)

My next door neighbours kid

You're just a line in a song

You were always the worst thing about me

the stag room hotel door
Door with a small barred window that has a view into a room which physically cant exist within the building it's in.

plane pilots flying off towards antartica

cartoon villains constantly trying to blow up a site, escaped from Mobile Task Force Extreme

Suddenly waking up in an F1 car doing a rolling start into its first lap

Anomalous alteration to the will of a person requesting specific and complex funerary rites

man walks out of the sea with a sniper rifle, takes a shot then walks back into the sea

a lens through which all can be seen

Heroes and thieves at my door

fog waves

the last 3 presidents haven't existed

echelon - full database of all living humans that alters people if the database is changed

blood of the foundation. guy whose blood only identifies as belonging to the foundation

saturn has no moons

god rot

interdimensional reality bore
dug a hole through reality as it was passing through, living an entrance tunnel and exit tunnel to other places

Uncanny valley

If you die in the game you die in real life - reality show

New Years party tapes are anomalous, broadcast from nowhere

my girlfriend up north - people who lie about long distance girlfriends have them become real, and creepy

spiders which are bigger on the inside

weird eyeballs keep washing up on the beach

a bomb big enough to kill god

vavlovian mimicry + uncanny valley. eye of the sahara?

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